Monday, August 31, 2009

Remembering the heroes of 9/11

As the eight year anniversary of that terrible day draws near, hundreds of thousands of people across this nation and even around the world join together to honor the people who lost their lives; and the many who selflessly offered aid; and the families who continue to live with the absence of their loved ones.

The White Dove Release Professionals, whose members service many areas all across the United States and Canada, will be sharing in the privilege of recognizing and remembering the beloved lost and the brave survivors of that day's tragedy by providing white dove releases at public and private ceremonies on September 11th.

May the beautiful white doves we release in memory and honor of the heroes and victims of September 11, 2001 bring a measure of healing and peace to all who witness their soaring flight.

Embraced Forevermore

As we remember our thoughts of eight years ago
sadness still lurks in the solemn shadows below.
As those towering inferno's fell to their death
the hero's within them drew their last breath.

It was a very sad ending to such a beautiful day
all of those people had died in such a horrible way.
The story's now history as we try to move forward
a hard thing to do when you think of the martyred.

As we remembered our thoughts of eight years ago
those people who jumped from a sky high window.
The ones in the buildings who were trapped by the fire,
the ones on the planes who never knew what transpired.

Police and firemen who climbed those stairs to rescue
anyone who had survived, no matter how few.
Their day had just started and little did they know,
they were the victims of a coward’s evil deathblow.

In honor of those hero's who went in our place
we will never forget you, you're forevermore embraced
by all of the Americans and the whole human race
as we try to move forward at a slow steady pace.

Each one of you died as a hero on that infamous day,
rest assured that your memories will never fade away.
In the land of a free democracy and in honor of our brave,
we fly Old Glory today and forevermore she'll wave!

Adapted from the poem by Jimmy Phillips, 2008