Tuesday, December 28, 2010

White Dove Christmas

Fredericksburg.com - A TIMELY SIGN FROM ABOVE? - page 1 FLS

A member of the WDRP recently had one of his white release doves take a trip far from home. Evidently the white homing pigeon accidentally escaped from it's loft, and was heading back to the loft it formerly lived in. Many miles from where it started, the pure white pigeon landed in a yard on Christmas day to rest. The family who found the bird was able to contact the owner because the bird was wearing a permanent identification band. These bands are used by white dove release professionals and by pigeon racers to aid in the recovery of lost or injured birds. The bands are marked so that anyone who happens to find a banded pigeon can contact the owner of the bird without too much difficulty. The owner can then make arrangements to pick up their bird. The family felt a special blessing came to them when the little white dove chose to rest at their house on Christmas day.