Thursday, November 12, 2009

White Dove Releases Commemorate Veteran's Day, 2009

As we honor our Veterans with white dove releases across the nation we would like to reflect on what a Veteran is.

Veterans are those proud and self-sacrificing individuals who swear at a point in time, before God and man, to protect and defend their most cherished nation and way of life as a member of the armed forces. Each and every Veteran answers the call to duty, and makes a choice to sacrifice dreams, wants and needs for a time in order to go and to serve wherever the country most needs him or her.

A Veteran stands lonely vigil in foreign lands, walks in harms way, puts personal well-being aside, to stare down any threat, and conquer any foe.

We recognize and honor those individuals who are Veterans, who answered the call to a sacred duty, for which they give of their own lives to protect and preserve our nation and liberty. The white dove is a perfect symbol of the Veteran's service and the nation's appreciation, recognition and thanks.