Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Symbolism of the White Dove

Many brides ask about the symbolism of white doves in a wedding ceremony. Some are familiar with the fact that the birds will "mate for life", which is true. But what they don't see is the true devotion these birds have to one another.  

The doves will pick a nest and always return to it. They will lovingly groom each other and whisper their quiet cooing. When the eggs are laid, both parents take turns incubating them and when the chicks emerge, both share in the feeding and rearing of the young. When they are separated for any length of time and then reunited, there is a joyous greeting when once again they are together.

What a fitting gesture to have these beautiful birds attend your wedding, whether it be in a decorative display cage for your guests to view, or when they put on their magical display during a flock release. The symbolism is much more than the joy and celebration that your guests will witness.  The white doves are also a symbol of home-building, teamwork, love, commitment, affection and lasting devotion.